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Greek International Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, Canada and Philippines 

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Appsstolic Succession

  • The Autocephalous Greek International Orthodox Christian Church Canonical was part of the Greek Orthodox Church In Africa and Splintered away from the Church of Alexandria  Which intern to be now considered a sister church to  the Orthodox Church being it was from the   Hierarchical Succession of the Patriarchal See of Alexandria we are in contact with Constantinople awaiting for our day to sit in and for the Patriarchate Council to set up and complete legislation of the Orthodox Church for that there job for our jurisdiction. But they consider us a  sister church of there's that is all that matters to us and we have the paperwork to prove such a thing is true. 

  •  Autocephalous Greek International Orthodox Christian Church Canonical Metropolitan Archbishop Francis Christopher  Originally was a Bishop of the Archdiocese of North America and South America and Canada Which was under Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, 

  • The Divine Trinity consists of three Persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Ghost, perfectly united as one. Matthew 3:16-17; 1 John 5:7.Repentance is a godly sorrow for sin with a renunciation of sin. Isaiah 55:7; Matthew 4:17.Salvation is the act of God's grace whereby we receive forgiveness for sins and stand before God as though we had never sinned. Romans 5:1; 2 Corinthians 5:17.Sanctification or Holiness, the act of God's grace whereby we are made holy, is the second definite work and is subsequent to justification. John 17:15-21; Hebrews 13:12.The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is the endowment of power from on high upon the clean, sanctified life, and is evidenced by speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance. Luke 24:49; Acts 1:5-8; 2:1-4.Divine Healing of sickness is provided through the atonement. James 5:14-16; 1 Peter 2:24.The Second Coming of Jesus will be just as literal and visible as His going away. Acts 1:9-11. There will be two appearances under one coming: First, to catch away His waiting Bride. Matthew 24:40-44; 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17; second, to execute judgment upon the ungodly. 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10; Jude 14-15.The Great Tribulation will occur between Christ's coming for His Bride and His return in judgment. Isaiah 26:20-21; Revelation 9 and 16.Christ's Millennial Reign is the literal 1000 years of peaceful reign by Jesus on earth. Isaiah 11 and 35.The Great White Throne Judgment is the final judgment when all the wicked dead will stand before God. Revelation 20:11-15.The New Heaven and The New Earth will replace the present heaven and earth, which will be destroyed after the Great White Throne Judgment. 2 Peter 3:12-13; Revelation 21:1-3.Eternal Heaven and Eternal Hell are literal places of final destiny, each as eternal as the other. Matthew 25:41-46; Luke 16:22-28.Marriage is for Life, a holy institution that is binding before God, giving neither partner liberty to marry again as long as the first companion lives. Mark 10:6-12; Romans 7:1-3.Restitution is subsequent to salvation, wherein wrongs against our fellowmen are made right in order to have a clear conscience before God and man. Ezekiel 33:15; Matthew 5:23-24.Water Baptism is by one immersion "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost," as Jesus commanded. Matthew 3:16; 28:19.The Lord's Supper is an institution ordained by Jesus so that we might remember His death until He returns. Matthew 26:26-29; 1 Corinthians 11:23,26.Washing the Disciples' Feet is practiced according to the example and commandment Jesus gave. John 13:14-15.

  • Ecumenical Synods 1). Nicaea 325AD-20 Canons 2). Constantinople 381AD - 7 Canons 3). Ephesus 431AD- 8 Canons, Canon 8 establishes the autocephaly of Church of Cyprus 4). Chalcedon 451AD 30 Canons, Canon 28 accords the same primacy of the honor of Constantinople and to the bishop of Rome. 5). Constantinople 553 AD 6). Constantinople 680/681AD 7). Penthekte 691 AD 102 Canons, Canon 2 ratified Apostolic canons, canons of regional synods and canons of Fathers, thereby granting them universal authority. 8). Nicaea 787- 22 Canons. These principles have excited in the "Ekklesia" since the time of the Apostles. The unity and equality of all the members of the "Ekklesia" is evidenced in the unity and equality which existed among the Apostles and their successors the bishops. Also, the active participation of the laity in the government of the "Ekklesia" was instituted by the Apostles who gave them the right to elected their own ecclesiastical ministers. More especially, the institution of the hierarchy by the divine right assured the even representation in the synod of the entire one Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church "Ekklesia" In this way from the legal point of view, the Ecumenical Synod constitutes the supreme collective body of government of the "Ekklesia". The Orthodox Christian Church was formed in 33AD by the Apostles of Christ. Which the did Eastern Rite Divine Liturgy and in 37 AD the Western Rite Was formed by the Apostles Joseph of Arimathea which started the Western Rite Orthodoxy it was Started in Chalcedon which well before the Roman Orthodox Catholic Church was even in the picture which is now the Roman Catholic Church.

  • The Metropolitan Archbishop for the head of the church is Francis Christopher M Maier. The Autocephalous Greek International Orthodox Christian Church Canonical Metropolitan Francis Christopher which was Consecrated and Elected by the hierarchy of the Church in Jan/6/2015. Which at the time Bishop Christopher was under the Greek Orthodox Church of America. And before that he was a Anglican Catholic Bishop under Archbishop and primate of South India Most Rev. Dr Samuel Gunasekaran the most holy of Metropolitans of the Anglican Church of South India.   

Archdiocese of North and South America and Canada and Philippines

  • Archdiocese of North America Is based in Birmingham Alabama The Metropolitan Archbishop Francis Christopher Leads The Autocephalous Greek International Orthodox Christian Church Canonical which is in over 20 countries and growing strong we hope and pray to reach as many people as possible. The Archdiocese of North and South America and Canada and  Philippines is a big Vast area. This is Why the council meets once every 3 mouth and we will see if we cant make it sooner then July. 

  • Archdiocese Council (Article 2)  

  • According to Section 1 of this article, "The Archdioceses Council is Advisory and consultative body to the Archbishop, sharing with him his excursive responsibilities.

  • (1) Work of Archdiocese Council

  • (a) Interprets & executes decisions of Biennial Assembles.
  • (b) Administers temporal & Financial affairs of the Archdiocese.
  • (c) Possesses emergency legislative authority between biennial assemblies (together with the Archdiocese District Councils)

  • (2) Composition (numbers of Members (section 2) Consists of not more then 51 members appointed by the Archbishop.

  • (3) Convocation  (Section 3)  Convened at least twice yearly by Archbishop. as Christians.

  • (4) Officers (Section 4)


  • (a). President (Archbishop)                                                                                                  
  • (b). Vice President                                                                                                    
  • (c). Secretary                                                                                                   
  • (d). Treasurer                                                                                                    
  • (e). Additional officers required, elected at first meeting.                                                                                      
  • (5). Executive Committee (Section 5)
  • Executive Committee of sevem appointed by Archbishop from membership of Archdiocesan Council shall have interim between meetings of Council all its powers, shall meet at the direction of a Archbishop. 

  • (6). Interim emergency legislation (section 6) 
  • In the event such legislation required between Biennial Assemblies, the Archbishop shall convene Archdiocesan Council together with Archdiocesan District Councils.                           

Mission Work around the World

  • We as a Orthodox Church Must bring everyone together as a whole it is very important. Us as leaders in the Orthodox Church Must learn the way that Christ wants us to do things. We cant forget that we are human and not divine we are sinners and must be reminded that we are not perfect and no matter what we should not judge.


  • Now back into the Missions in the world we are in Philippines Australia, New Zealand Fiji Tonga Nigeria Madagascar Kenya Cameroon Congo Uganda Ghana North and South America Pakistan India and so much more if you want to be part of our wining team and spread the true word of God give use a call and see if you fit in will us remember Pray though Christ to show you the way he will guide you I promise you that but you must believe. Well I hope you like our page and you got the Information want you have needed Go Be with God and God bless.


  • Kenya Africa Archdiocese Metropolis of East Africa is Ruben in Kenya we are going to try to open up a small seminary School within the next 6 months and we are going to try fundraising for the next 3 month to see if we cant help the Archdiocese of Kenya to help support them and have a mobile unit for medical needs to be meet the Ecumenical Bishop Albert is also living in Kenya as well as Bishop Richard as we ask the people to help because the people in Africa can use the help so we are praying for people to help and the people and kids really need it they are in bad conditions so hungry and sick we are trying our best and we cant do it alone.

  • South Africa the Metropolitan Archbishop of all Africa Patrick is moving very nice he really is working though the Holy Spirit Christ is going to be with us in South Africa and even all Africa. we must find good in all but our peruses is to help the archdiocese of South Africa prosper there only though Christ can we do that the Holy Spirit must work though us as a team. Having a good Metropolitan of Africa will Change the course of what would have been a down fall before with come to life though Christ. Metropolitan Archbishop Patrick will be opening a seminary in South Africa with in the next 3 months may Christ guide us in everything we do. Archdiocese of South Africa is also doing a lot of Fundraising to help support the Archdiocese so we can fund missions in Africa and Help out the church and the people first thing the kids come first. We all thank you Metropolitan Patrick for what are you doing.    


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